This is a tribute to the great fado divas. In life, they left us a repertoire with a unique richness that will be transported to the present, by the voices of Diamantina, Joana Amendoeira and Tânia Oleiro.

Fado has always been defended by strong women, with various experiences and who gave a personal stamp to a vast repertoire that has become timeless.

In this context, we want to celebrate their life, work and memory.

Even today, much of the repertoire that is sung in fado houses and in the various fado concerts, is what these divas created with their interpretations.

With this experience, we created a concert that carries the image and memory of all these names that have marked Fado lovers since the beginning.

Amália, Maria Teresa de Noronha, Lucília do Carmo, Fernanda Batista, Beatriz da Conceição, Celeste Rodrigues, Argentina Santos, Teresa Tarouca, Hermínia Silva, Ercília Costa and Berta Cardoso, are the divas that will be honored by Diamantina, Joana Amendoeira and Tânia Potter, who will interpret his greatest hits.

Those who are missed, never die… this is the motto for a challenge embraced by everyone, those who are part of this “Experience”.

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Joana Amendoeira
VS Management | Tributo | Tânia Oleiro
Tânia Oleiro